Fuze creates permanent jewelry custom fit to you. The one-on-one permanent jewelry process is quick, easy, and completely customizable. Our permanent pieces are welded together seamlessly and are made to last.



Permanent jewelry is effortless jewelry that is custom-fit and welded together so there’s no clasp. At Fuze we offer permanent bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. They are lightweight and dainty chains that you will barely feel and require little to no maintenance. Permanent jewelry is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or bonds with friends, family, and loved ones.

Nope! Our welding process is quick and 100% painless, the jewelry is welded only to itself.

Your permanent jewelry will last months to years depending on the chain material, the products you use on your body, and your lifestyle. Learn more about our jewelry metals here.

Yes, we offer a 3 month warranty on our permanent jewelry. Our warranty includes complimentary sizing adjustments and repairs with proof of purchase and original permanent jewelry chain present.

We offer adjustments and repairs for our permanent jewelry outside of warranty for a $15 charge.

Warranty does not cover lost chains.

We have a few different pricing options depending on what kind of jewelry and metal you choose. You can view all of our pricing options above.

If you need to part ways with your permanent jewelry, you can easily cut it off with a pair of scissors. Cut at the ring where it was welded together and save your chain so we can weld it back on for you. If you’d feel more comfortable having us remove it for you, you can visit us at our store.

Absolutely. If you had to remove your jewelry we can quickly weld it back on for a $15 re-welding fee.

Yes! We’ve flown far and wide with our jewelry on without a problem.

We highly suggest making an appointment ahead of time to secure your spot, especially if you are visiting us in a group or on weekends. We try our best to fit in as many walk-ins as we can, however we cannot guarantee your spot and there may be a wait.

Nope! While we do love to commit, not all of our pieces are permanent. We offer a range of removable pierces including rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and body jewelry.